Friday, May 10, 2013

Thinking aloud about French and English...

It has been too long. My mind  is right now littered with all things French. FRENCH GRAMMAR. I don't even know where to start.

To all those who wish to take up French, let me tell you, it's one heck of a technical language. To be sure, all languages are the same - the grammar, the spelling system, the phonetics, phonemes, all -phos and -logys...yada yada yada.

While I was doing my final revision this morning (the exam ended almost 3 hours ago), I thought: "Anyone seriously thinking of learning French, must have a serious eye for detail...especially when it comes to the countless verbs and their no less numerous conjugations or conjugaisons". You either have the eye for detail prior to learning the language...or you will, sooner or later. Hehe..

I am beginning to love it actually. In a place where all life decisions made, i.e. the shower. I had a few life decisions flash across my mind as well. Just this morning. Why the hell did you not just take poetry or literature Banuuuuu???

I remember thinking that it would be challenge. And as language that has always intrigued me, I thought, why not? Little did I know that they were gonna test LEVEL FOUR. That's equivalent to GCSEs!! And now, we're at Level 5. My friends and I were soon conditioned to the reality that well....2 hours per week was all we were gonna get as far as formal instruction was concerned. And the rest was up to us.

Independent learning.

I don't know how well that has worked out for me. DISCIPLINE YO.... I like to call it my least favourite swear word =.=

Anyways, another life decision that I also thought about...but not in the shower, was at my desk. The English language must be just as technical right? I never learnt English intentionally. It was a language spoken by my parents, friends..just about everywhere I went. Along with Malay and Tamil, it was just another language. So I guess I could say I learnt it accidentally. Hmm. The grammar rules, spelling...none of it really needed my attention. They fell into place. Just like that. It never needed attention. If I had heard spoken French and used it the same way, well yeah..then it would have been just as effortless, I suppose.

What about teaching English, then? Well..that's gonna be an uphill task....I have basically put myself into the shoes of my future students...

Ok wait, I'm hungry.

You know, while we're at it, ever felt so hungry but you didn't actually want to eat? I know I could have just said, no appetite...but no, it's more than that. o.O Hmm..never mind.

So yea, English. It really scares me. But intrigues me just the same. It's a challenge. And I think I might like a challenge. I don't know. I might regret this just like I regret French every now and then. But, I guess it will pay to persevere. Just like how completely overjoyed I was when I could understand the French that was used in the latest Mad Men episode. Ehehe. I love French, the French even, (especially their accent when they speak English, ze house on ze hill!! haha, noo la, it's more than that..but yea, something like that :) ) and their culture.

I only hope to instill this love in my future students, about English. Imagine the world that they would discover through the language. The beauty, the culture, the power to express oneself. Hmm. We'll have to wait and see if I succeed hmm? And now...for my literature exam....that's in a few days time. Urgh.

Before that...this tummy needs tending to...

Will see you all soon...

Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 is here..O.o

It's the 7th day of 2012.

And like all other things, it's only NOW that it is sinking in properly into yours truly's head that we are  indeed no longer in 2011.



Seriously, though..(I am THAT slow la..)

Class starts on Monday...yep..

Le sigh.

And an assignment to hand in on Tuesday.




On a brighter note..

Plans for spring holidays are almost done.

Greece :D

Muahahahah!! *happy dance*

Maybe I'll get through second term with spring break in mind...


Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lazy Day #2

Hey y'all...

Something random.

I received this comment not too long ago that my blog entries were rather disorganised.

Well..organisation is a skill. If it's for a piece of work which I am going to be assessed for..well then, I will put those skills to use..

This blog, however is an exception.

Here's why.

Besides the fact that I am not being formally assessed...


Thoughts..don't come in an organised manner.

And I am above all, FEMALE..which means I HAVE to connect this to that and that to this. Unlike the male brain which is efficiently (good or bad, depends) compartmentalised, my brain is just...constantly connecting this compartment to that..which gives rise to a whole lotta convoluted thoughts.


I think I expected that to make sense...that was all Russell Peters' idea k..not mine. Lolz It justifies the one reason why men and women both find each other so complicated and confusing.


Anyways, gender aspects aside, I have always maintained that this blog is for my thoughts...sometimes, I deliberately avoid organising the posts..just to show how the thoughts come. I pen them down as they are. I hope this clears it.

Today's lazy day #2 btw..


Yada Yada Yadaaa....



One look at this temporarily-abandoned blog has tweaked such nostalgic feelings deep within me that I really feel like I should scribble something...*jiwang*back of hand on forehead..dramatic neck-tilt*


That's right y'all...maybe just a doodle.

The reason I've not blogged for a couple of months now is that I guess I have had a lot going on..

Haven't had as much time to mull and over-think things as I used to....

Summer really is long gone T__T

That's not to say that I havent' mulled. Mulling is this built-in trait in yours truly. O.o

Anyhow folks..

-i wrote the above on the 3rd of the midst of a huge assignment which I have thankfully completed and handed in ..phew-

I'm not going to write about anything exact this time around. Just updates on what I've been doing...random stuff...writing for the sake of writing, I suppose O.o..

So..winter break has started.


It's that time of the year again, where the streets are decorated, fir trees line the shops, snow falls, snowmen are built, you get bombarded by random snowballs thrown by random strangers and you awkwardly kena tembak and awkwardly walk away like nothing happened...O.o..yep...It's Christmas in a few days..only difference is that this time, there's no snow...yet.

Temperature hasn't fallen low enough I think.

I can't say I'm exactly anticipating the snow to fall, you know.

I won't be able to do my grocery shopping.


Well, that and also other stuff. Lolz..I have no idea when grocery shopping started to be the highlight of my days. Thing is, I will have to walk quite a distance to get to Asda (something like Tesco, Giant, etc). Which is where I get all the glorious food. You tend to get  hungry real fast..since it's really cold (think -4 and below) and naturally you're gonna need the calories to burn...for heat..O.o

I am actually shaking a I write. And I'm indoors, with the heater turned on. Just thinking about the chill outside makes me shiver more. O.o

Anyhow, winter break started last Saturday. And so far, I am happy to say that it's been better this time around than last year :D

I am keeping myself occupied. Let's see....X-Factor UK Finals on Sunday (I actually got to go!! and more info on moi FB..ngeheheh), Monday was lazy day #1, shopping on Tuesday, and a walk around town today...dang, it's only been a few days huh..=.='

Anyhow, last Sunday was a great day. We weren't sure if we were going to get into the Arena to watch the we took quite an early train to London and just frolicked about Hyde Park..a glimpse of Royal Albert Hall..and the one thing that caught my eye at Hyde Park was the Serpentine Lake.

Even with the winter chill, everything was perfect. The swans, ducks, pigeons..even horses (at the park, not on the lake, of course..O.o)...the trees..most of them had leaves left on them. There was something so very rustic about this place that I just wanted to go quiet and enjoy what was in front of me in silence.

I remember thinking, "Damn. I wish I lived in London and could come here every single day,"...

I made a mental note to make sure I came here every chance I got over the next year and a half...Time sure flies. Pictures should be up on Facebook soon..

Anyways, I know I'm going to feel like I'm about to die in a few days time should I not have anything to do. I actually have an assignment due in January, as soon as term 2 starts. But o well...hehe..kite enjoy dulu la ye~

The reason I'm not going anywhere around Europe this winter is because...I'm saving up for Greece in spring =P

Tickets have been there's no running away from it now. Hmm.

So...I guess that's about it really.

There is something that's really building up in significance in my life right now but...that shall wait. I'm gonna give things more time...See how it all rounds up and until I can see a proper conclusion to it, maybe I won't reveal anything right now..

Not just yet~

Hmm..I'll see y'all soon ;)